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HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Number & Email

Customer Service Phone Numbers for HDFC Bank Credit Cards:
Ahmedabad/Baroda/Rajkot/Surat 079-6600 4332
Bangalore/Mysore 080-6622 4332
Chandigarh/Ludhiana 0172-2264 332
Chennai 044-6600 4332
Cochin/Trivandrum 0484-408 4332
Coimbatore 0422-4384 332
Delhi 011-4151 4332
Hyderabad 040-6662 4332
Indore 0731-4074 332
Jaipur 0141-5114 332
Kolkatta 033-2210 4332
Mumbai 022-2856 4332

Communication Address :
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,
PO BOX # 8654
Thiruvanmiyur PO
Chennai - 600 041.

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  1. I want to file a complaint against some members of HDFC :
    Mr. Hari OM (Manager),
    Mr. Deepak,
    Ms Priyanka.

    These people are very arrogant and not helpful at all. I request them to settle the bill amount but the response is too bad and they even don't have the correct address of my home. After providing the correct address they again putting someone else address.
    Now they are even not ready to speak in proper manner and not sending any executive to collect the amount.
    Ms Priyanka said to me that why dont you send your friend in their branch? I dont understand these type of conversation.
    And i dont know what the hell she is talking about.
    So many different peoples are calling me from HDFC from their personal contact number.
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.

  2. Hi Lavanya,

    We have another post with Details about HDFC Customer Service Information - with the Principal Nodal Officer's contact information. Please check if that is useful to you

    Customer Service Information Team

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  7. i am applied for creadit card in the month of december,my application number is 13120616571650S2,it got disapproved becouse of present address proof is not in correct i droped my present address proof in thippasandra branch bangalore 3 weeks over.still i didnt get any feedback and not any further process of the card.please help .

  8. Hi ,

    This is Lalit Kumar. i have applied my new credit card last 22 jan 2014 . let me know my new application id number is 2074444386.. I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM TO YOU THAT I HAVE ALREADY HDFC CREDIT CARD . BUT CARD STATUS IS BLOCK I WANT TO ACTIVE THIS CARD . MY OLD CARD NUMBER IS 4346-7810-1292-5699. KINDLY SUGGEST ME NEXT PROCESS HOW CAN I ACTIVE MY OLD CARD.




  9. HDFC is the worst bank ever, Know how to treat your customers and have some respect towards them.
    I never wanted a credit card , They sent a credit card and are charging me 300 now for no reason.

    Stop cheating people and make money out of it. There should be an RTI even for these kind of Filthy banks. Arvind Kejriwal are you listening. And the recovery agents think they are dons. Screwed one of them. Went back like a scared cat

  10. Thanks for the nice and helpful information.

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  11. I have HDFC sallary A/c can i convert into saving a/c

  12. hi
    this is anbalagan, I have applied for credit card on past month, but still i did not get that card, but status in approved , what i do?

  13. Hi ,
    This is the second time am writing this mail to you guys am very disappointed with your service, i was promised that i'll definatly get a call from one of your executive but i haven;t got any response from your team .Its almost almost 12-13 days i have submitted all my documents to one executive (Bipin-9716155814) for credit card , he told me that "preeti" will going to process my application. But with this reference no- 14040512363490N1 and app no- CC18363126 i cant see any update. Is this what you do to all your costumers , i applied for credit card because its my sisters marriage i have spent all my saving for this occasion and i dont have any savings with me now and still some shopping needs to be done which is left and 2 days are left what am i suppose to do now i put faith in your company not by choosing any other bank for credit card but see this is what i get in return . please i need a urjent response from any senior over there .
    nitin raghav

  14. Fund hold (customer id 52701119) sameer khan

    Dear concern,

    My name is sameer ahmad khan. i am customer of your bank. my customer id is 52701119. yesterday my 7400 rs. is hold. due to according to your side any my credit card payment due. i don't have any up dations so kindly cheek is happens. with me. if any payment is due then i am interested for given. first u intimate me how amount is due and send me to any person after that.

    kindly first refund me this my hold amount. other wise i was closed my all account with HDFC BANK. and i am not paying any kind of amount next time. and my salary is not credit with hdfc bank. i am going to other bank with salary account. because of without any conformation my amount is hold. this is not good.

    so kindly this is request to u do something fair with me

  15. i have a hdfc credit card no ending 3384 which will expire on 05/2014,i receive a message from hdfc card that they send me a new card on 22/04/2014 through blue dart courier Awd-42573024340 was pending for delivery then i go to blue dart office with my proper document to receive the card,they show me my card but did not give me.then i call to hdfc customer care they assure me after confirming my name and address next day it will delivered to your home.after 3 days again i call customer care,they replied we have send a mail to blue dart,they confirm it will send you between two days,other wise you call back to customer care.after 3days i again call to customer care they replied you go to blue dart office to receive the card,but they again denied to gave me again i call customer care they advised you go home and it must send to your home but today 09/05/14 hdfc bank send a massage "dear MANAB KUMAR SAMADDAR,your hdfc bank cr card ending 3384 has returned to us.please call customer care for further instruction.This harassment made with us continuously and it causes time and money loss of phone call charge(min 30min) to customer care.

  16. Hello,

    I want settle my credit card outstanding debt. Could anyone of you please help me out. I have an HDFC Platinum Credir Card.

  17. hi,

    HDFC Bank settled one time payment my credit card 9000/- rs but my saving a/c balance 16300 hold for credit card payment. i was payment 16300 & bank says to me your extra amount 7300rs will be refund whiten 7 days, i call to customer care but not response to me . my customer ID 35874016.

    so please take my complete & give my refund amount .
    contact 9881819358

  18. I am Yogesh Mishra, m holding a HDFC Gold CC. I have an issue with the marketing team as I am not getting the rewards points on shopping according to the terms.

    Today I called up customer care but the lady responded very rude. She told me that I should get 2 points on each 150 bugs I spent. But I am not geting the same.
    I request you to plz look into this. I have a Case#14175208598 for the same issue.
    Also I have called customer services 2 days back regarding my credit limit to be increased to 1 lakh as I am using this card from last 2.5 years with the small cr limit. But now I want to enhance this according to my income.

  19. Hi HDFC officers,

    I am struggling to get my phone number, address and email id updated since long time. But its getting rejected because of some non-existing, no-sense reasons. I am levied some late payments because I don't get any alerts of payment, neither on my email nor address and its now more than frustrating.

    Moreover address and email id was never entered correct since beginning. I was also told that I would free movie tickets and other benefits but all those are false promises. I never got the joining bonus points either. Are you guys in some robbery or fraud business than credit card?

    I will discontinue using my credit card anyways but you may need to improve your system anyways. I will also share my experience with as much people as I can.

  20. I want to closed my old HDFC Bank a/c no is 02801140190644 but bank will not ready to closed this a/c
    Shashi Kumar

  21. Hi,
    I am a HDFC Bank Credit Card Holder, after making last payment yesterday received SMS of my current outstanding balance was 11908, then i was shocked after reaching home i checked all the transcations which shows actuall outstanding payment as of today Rs 11749.95, but there is a difference amount of Rs 158.05 which was included in to my account.

    • This month i made international payment through HDFC creditcard sum of amount USD $50 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC bank of Rs 3003.25 dated on 01/08/2014 with out service tax.

    • This month i made sundaram foundation through HDFC creditcard sum of Rs 2610 + 2 percent service tax= 2662.25 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC Bank of Rs 2662.25 dated on 05/08/2014

    I Called Chennai HDFC Customer care at 10.22pm till 10.32pm and Spoke to Prabhakar regarding outstanding payment/discrepency

    • I gave the details of which was spent by me to Prabhakar, i recieve the SMS of Rs 3003.25 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, but as per PRABHAKAR i spent Rs 3047 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, if USD rate increased, my payment charge also which will be increased until i receive the statement, and yesterday regarding statement i spoke to PRABHAKAR, as per him its not their problem, its my problem, then he said i have to bear if USD value increase Rs. 70/-, untill i receive statement, then line gets disconnected.

    Then again I called Chennai HDFC customer care at 10.33pm and spoken to Saravanan till 10.40.

    • I gave the above details to Saravanan, and As per Saravanan NYMGO Merchant claimed payment on 05/08/2014 because of that there is a difference amount and rest of Rs 114.75 was service tax as per him, then again i asked Saravanan, regarding the conversation with Prabhakar, he started bluffing, saying that Merchant will take 5 to 21 days to claim their payment, end of the 21st day if USD rate was increaced to Rs 70, i have to pay the same.

    Details of Expense which made as of today details mentioned below.

    HDFC Credit card statement as of today
    Date of Purchase Details of Merchant Amount which i purchased & spended Statement as per HDFC Bank
    31-07-2014 Kumaran Textiles 2878 2878
    01-08-2014 NYMGO $50 3003.25 3047 Confirmation SMS received from HDFC bank sum of RS 3003.25 only)
    05-08-2014 Sundaram Medical Foundation 2662.2 2662.2
    05-08-2014 New Saravanna 3083.5 3083.5
    11-08-2014 Apollo Pharmacy 123 123
    USD Service charge as per HDFC 0 114.3 As per verbal telephonic conversation by HDFC customer care Saravannan on 11/08/2014 at 10.33pm
    Total 11749.95 11908

    Difference Amount of Rs 158.05

    Now i wanted to know clearly why i have to pay more Rs 158.05 and regarding the service tax why they did not include before ?


  22. Hi ,

    My Name is Shirish Ashok Shivarkar

    I had very bad experience of HDFC Bank Customer Care service, I wanted to have my mailing address changed, had called the customer care they guided me to download the address change form and send to their Chennai Office. I downloaded the same and courier to Chennai office.
    After few days I got SMS saying Signature not matching, it was my mistake, I called the customer care again asking the further procedure for signature mismatch.
    The customer care told me to attach my Photo ID along with address change form and send to Chennai office which I did.

    After few days when I did not receive any update I called HDFC customer care, this time they told me to give an application and download KYC form.
    I just wanted to know why this information was not provided when I called HDFC customer care asking for Procedure.

    My Time and Money (Courier ) was wasted. I am know closing my HDFC Credit Card Service due to Bad Service.

  23. I got a call from a representative stating HDFC bank on 10/10/2014 @ 12:45PM. Where she asked me to disclose the HDFC Credit card information such as Card Number, Expiry date and CVV number at the backside of the card to issue a new Credit card. However I did not tell the CVV number and thought of Fake call. Please take necessary action against an individual or a group.
    Received Mobile Number - +91 09212033963
    Representative Name - Pinky
    Karthik P


  25. friends want some guidance - for a seven year old credit card - i had paid all the outstanding of my card to one of a collection agent seven years back and even destroyed the card . yet i find recently MY CEBIL rating reflecting a outstanding of 31k - now which department i should interact.

  26. Sir
    Iam pankaj Kumar. DOB 30/09/1983 mob 9789877749 App no CC20166150 reference number 14101513482150S1 ciredt card Disapproved ( signechar Declension)
    Professional courier signechar Declension form all ready 29 October 14 Delivered. .v want to stetars. ...plzzzzz help

  27. My new credit card is not yet delivered its pending with blue art for the past 10 days.

    I am very upset with the unprofessional and incompetent services of HFDC credit card team.

    I have been following up since last Wednesday for my card with both HFDC and blue dart but both are not helping me.

  28. I Have taken loan of 49000 in the month on November 2013, I went for EMI 12 months. company has been deducting money from Nov 2013. I has been completed 12 months up to September 2014. still HDFC bank deducted money on November month 2014 this is 13th month.

    Please assist me on this. When I check in credit cards- Loans option it showing up to sep 2014 status is showing closed.

  29. I requested for EMI options to be added in my card.I didn't get any response.
    Very unhappy with the kind of service by hdfc.want to discontinue.
    Plz suggest