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HDFC Credit Card Customer Care Number & Email

Customer Service Phone Numbers for HDFC Bank Credit Cards:
Ahmedabad/Baroda/Rajkot/Surat 079-6600 4332
Bangalore/Mysore 080-6622 4332
Chandigarh/Ludhiana 0172-2264 332
Chennai 044-6600 4332
Cochin/Trivandrum 0484-408 4332
Coimbatore 0422-4384 332
Delhi 011-4151 4332
Hyderabad 040-6662 4332
Indore 0731-4074 332
Jaipur 0141-5114 332
Kolkatta 033-2210 4332
Mumbai 022-2856 4332

Communication Address :
Manager, HDFC Bank Cards Division,
PO BOX # 8654
Thiruvanmiyur PO
Chennai - 600 041.

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  1. I want to file a complaint against some members of HDFC :
    Mr. Hari OM (Manager),
    Mr. Deepak,
    Ms Priyanka.

    These people are very arrogant and not helpful at all. I request them to settle the bill amount but the response is too bad and they even don't have the correct address of my home. After providing the correct address they again putting someone else address.
    Now they are even not ready to speak in proper manner and not sending any executive to collect the amount.
    Ms Priyanka said to me that why dont you send your friend in their branch? I dont understand these type of conversation.
    And i dont know what the hell she is talking about.
    So many different peoples are calling me from HDFC from their personal contact number.
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.

  2. Hi Lavanya,

    We have another post with Details about HDFC Customer Service Information - with the Principal Nodal Officer's contact information. Please check if that is useful to you

    Customer Service Information Team

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  7. i am applied for creadit card in the month of december,my application number is 13120616571650S2,it got disapproved becouse of present address proof is not in correct i droped my present address proof in thippasandra branch bangalore 3 weeks over.still i didnt get any feedback and not any further process of the card.please help .

  8. Hi ,

    This is Lalit Kumar. i have applied my new credit card last 22 jan 2014 . let me know my new application id number is 2074444386.. I WOULD LIKE TO INFORM TO YOU THAT I HAVE ALREADY HDFC CREDIT CARD . BUT CARD STATUS IS BLOCK I WANT TO ACTIVE THIS CARD . MY OLD CARD NUMBER IS 4346-7810-1292-5699. KINDLY SUGGEST ME NEXT PROCESS HOW CAN I ACTIVE MY OLD CARD.




  9. HDFC is the worst bank ever, Know how to treat your customers and have some respect towards them.
    I never wanted a credit card , They sent a credit card and are charging me 300 now for no reason.

    Stop cheating people and make money out of it. There should be an RTI even for these kind of Filthy banks. Arvind Kejriwal are you listening. And the recovery agents think they are dons. Screwed one of them. Went back like a scared cat

  10. Thanks for the nice and helpful information.

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  11. I have HDFC sallary A/c can i convert into saving a/c

    1. Salary Acct is saving acct itself

  12. hi
    this is anbalagan, I have applied for credit card on past month, but still i did not get that card, but status in approved , what i do?

  13. Hi ,
    This is the second time am writing this mail to you guys am very disappointed with your service, i was promised that i'll definatly get a call from one of your executive but i haven;t got any response from your team .Its almost almost 12-13 days i have submitted all my documents to one executive (Bipin-9716155814) for credit card , he told me that "preeti" will going to process my application. But with this reference no- 14040512363490N1 and app no- CC18363126 i cant see any update. Is this what you do to all your costumers , i applied for credit card because its my sisters marriage i have spent all my saving for this occasion and i dont have any savings with me now and still some shopping needs to be done which is left and 2 days are left what am i suppose to do now i put faith in your company not by choosing any other bank for credit card but see this is what i get in return . please i need a urjent response from any senior over there .
    nitin raghav

  14. Fund hold (customer id 52701119) sameer khan

    Dear concern,

    My name is sameer ahmad khan. i am customer of your bank. my customer id is 52701119. yesterday my 7400 rs. is hold. due to according to your side any my credit card payment due. i don't have any up dations so kindly cheek is happens. with me. if any payment is due then i am interested for given. first u intimate me how amount is due and send me to any person after that.

    kindly first refund me this my hold amount. other wise i was closed my all account with HDFC BANK. and i am not paying any kind of amount next time. and my salary is not credit with hdfc bank. i am going to other bank with salary account. because of without any conformation my amount is hold. this is not good.

    so kindly this is request to u do something fair with me

  15. i have a hdfc credit card no ending 3384 which will expire on 05/2014,i receive a message from hdfc card that they send me a new card on 22/04/2014 through blue dart courier Awd-42573024340 was pending for delivery then i go to blue dart office with my proper document to receive the card,they show me my card but did not give me.then i call to hdfc customer care they assure me after confirming my name and address next day it will delivered to your home.after 3 days again i call customer care,they replied we have send a mail to blue dart,they confirm it will send you between two days,other wise you call back to customer care.after 3days i again call to customer care they replied you go to blue dart office to receive the card,but they again denied to gave me again i call customer care they advised you go home and it must send to your home but today 09/05/14 hdfc bank send a massage "dear MANAB KUMAR SAMADDAR,your hdfc bank cr card ending 3384 has returned to us.please call customer care for further instruction.This harassment made with us continuously and it causes time and money loss of phone call charge(min 30min) to customer care.

  16. Hello,

    I want settle my credit card outstanding debt. Could anyone of you please help me out. I have an HDFC Platinum Credir Card.

  17. hi,

    HDFC Bank settled one time payment my credit card 9000/- rs but my saving a/c balance 16300 hold for credit card payment. i was payment 16300 & bank says to me your extra amount 7300rs will be refund whiten 7 days, i call to customer care but not response to me . my customer ID 35874016.

    so please take my complete & give my refund amount .
    contact 9881819358

  18. I am Yogesh Mishra, m holding a HDFC Gold CC. I have an issue with the marketing team as I am not getting the rewards points on shopping according to the terms.

    Today I called up customer care but the lady responded very rude. She told me that I should get 2 points on each 150 bugs I spent. But I am not geting the same.
    I request you to plz look into this. I have a Case#14175208598 for the same issue.
    Also I have called customer services 2 days back regarding my credit limit to be increased to 1 lakh as I am using this card from last 2.5 years with the small cr limit. But now I want to enhance this according to my income.

  19. Hi HDFC officers,

    I am struggling to get my phone number, address and email id updated since long time. But its getting rejected because of some non-existing, no-sense reasons. I am levied some late payments because I don't get any alerts of payment, neither on my email nor address and its now more than frustrating.

    Moreover address and email id was never entered correct since beginning. I was also told that I would free movie tickets and other benefits but all those are false promises. I never got the joining bonus points either. Are you guys in some robbery or fraud business than credit card?

    I will discontinue using my credit card anyways but you may need to improve your system anyways. I will also share my experience with as much people as I can.

  20. I want to closed my old HDFC Bank a/c no is 02801140190644 but bank will not ready to closed this a/c
    Shashi Kumar

  21. Hi,
    I am a HDFC Bank Credit Card Holder, after making last payment yesterday received SMS of my current outstanding balance was 11908, then i was shocked after reaching home i checked all the transcations which shows actuall outstanding payment as of today Rs 11749.95, but there is a difference amount of Rs 158.05 which was included in to my account.

    • This month i made international payment through HDFC creditcard sum of amount USD $50 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC bank of Rs 3003.25 dated on 01/08/2014 with out service tax.

    • This month i made sundaram foundation through HDFC creditcard sum of Rs 2610 + 2 percent service tax= 2662.25 and i got the confirmation SMS from HDFC Bank of Rs 2662.25 dated on 05/08/2014

    I Called Chennai HDFC Customer care at 10.22pm till 10.32pm and Spoke to Prabhakar regarding outstanding payment/discrepency

    • I gave the details of which was spent by me to Prabhakar, i recieve the SMS of Rs 3003.25 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, but as per PRABHAKAR i spent Rs 3047 on 01/08/2014 to NYMGO, if USD rate increased, my payment charge also which will be increased until i receive the statement, and yesterday regarding statement i spoke to PRABHAKAR, as per him its not their problem, its my problem, then he said i have to bear if USD value increase Rs. 70/-, untill i receive statement, then line gets disconnected.

    Then again I called Chennai HDFC customer care at 10.33pm and spoken to Saravanan till 10.40.

    • I gave the above details to Saravanan, and As per Saravanan NYMGO Merchant claimed payment on 05/08/2014 because of that there is a difference amount and rest of Rs 114.75 was service tax as per him, then again i asked Saravanan, regarding the conversation with Prabhakar, he started bluffing, saying that Merchant will take 5 to 21 days to claim their payment, end of the 21st day if USD rate was increaced to Rs 70, i have to pay the same.

    Details of Expense which made as of today details mentioned below.

    HDFC Credit card statement as of today
    Date of Purchase Details of Merchant Amount which i purchased & spended Statement as per HDFC Bank
    31-07-2014 Kumaran Textiles 2878 2878
    01-08-2014 NYMGO $50 3003.25 3047 Confirmation SMS received from HDFC bank sum of RS 3003.25 only)
    05-08-2014 Sundaram Medical Foundation 2662.2 2662.2
    05-08-2014 New Saravanna 3083.5 3083.5
    11-08-2014 Apollo Pharmacy 123 123
    USD Service charge as per HDFC 0 114.3 As per verbal telephonic conversation by HDFC customer care Saravannan on 11/08/2014 at 10.33pm
    Total 11749.95 11908

    Difference Amount of Rs 158.05

    Now i wanted to know clearly why i have to pay more Rs 158.05 and regarding the service tax why they did not include before ?


  22. Hi ,

    My Name is Shirish Ashok Shivarkar

    I had very bad experience of HDFC Bank Customer Care service, I wanted to have my mailing address changed, had called the customer care they guided me to download the address change form and send to their Chennai Office. I downloaded the same and courier to Chennai office.
    After few days I got SMS saying Signature not matching, it was my mistake, I called the customer care again asking the further procedure for signature mismatch.
    The customer care told me to attach my Photo ID along with address change form and send to Chennai office which I did.

    After few days when I did not receive any update I called HDFC customer care, this time they told me to give an application and download KYC form.
    I just wanted to know why this information was not provided when I called HDFC customer care asking for Procedure.

    My Time and Money (Courier ) was wasted. I am know closing my HDFC Credit Card Service due to Bad Service.

    1. I am facing the same issue.The service is really worst.

  23. I got a call from a representative stating HDFC bank on 10/10/2014 @ 12:45PM. Where she asked me to disclose the HDFC Credit card information such as Card Number, Expiry date and CVV number at the backside of the card to issue a new Credit card. However I did not tell the CVV number and thought of Fake call. Please take necessary action against an individual or a group.
    Received Mobile Number - +91 09212033963
    Representative Name - Pinky
    Karthik P


  25. friends want some guidance - for a seven year old credit card - i had paid all the outstanding of my card to one of a collection agent seven years back and even destroyed the card . yet i find recently MY CEBIL rating reflecting a outstanding of 31k - now which department i should interact.

  26. Sir
    Iam pankaj Kumar. DOB 30/09/1983 mob 9789877749 App no CC20166150 reference number 14101513482150S1 ciredt card Disapproved ( signechar Declension)
    Professional courier signechar Declension form all ready 29 October 14 Delivered. .v want to stetars. ...plzzzzz help

  27. My new credit card is not yet delivered its pending with blue art for the past 10 days.

    I am very upset with the unprofessional and incompetent services of HFDC credit card team.

    I have been following up since last Wednesday for my card with both HFDC and blue dart but both are not helping me.

  28. I Have taken loan of 49000 in the month on November 2013, I went for EMI 12 months. company has been deducting money from Nov 2013. I has been completed 12 months up to September 2014. still HDFC bank deducted money on November month 2014 this is 13th month.

    Please assist me on this. When I check in credit cards- Loans option it showing up to sep 2014 status is showing closed.

  29. I requested for EMI options to be added in my card.I didn't get any response.
    Very unhappy with the kind of service by hdfc.want to discontinue.
    Plz suggest



  32. Pls contact me at 8445167909 for cradet card query

  33. Interesting blog. This is one of my favorite blog also I want you to update more post like this. Thanks for sharing this article.
    Credit Cards in Chennai

  34. I am facing issue from the day when I receive Credit card.Verification department called me up on my active contact number 7507222557 and verified my details and then he registered with incorrect contact number 7307222557.Correct number is 7507222557. Called up customer care so many time and now I am not able to use my CC.Now can you please let us know what to do?

  35. Hi
    My credit card no. is 5289 45140012 0263
    This is regarding the statement for the above stated card.
    I regret that I was not able to make payment for the stated card . After my 1st march-13 statement I was not able to make payment and the purchase amount against that was 25,157 /-
    During one of the request last year to close the credit card and had requested for closing that with an best possible settlement letter, for info Before the issue of settlement letter S1459111 dt 27th aug’14 . I had already I had paid approx RS. 7750 /- , in settlement letter u had requested to close the account with additional of rs. 30,000/-
    I concern here which was bring to notice to me by one of your executive was that every month the amount which I use pay was not as per the letter issued but from my side the amount I paid was always the same which the recovery agent use to call me and confirm , since august’14 till jan’15 I had paid 11,010 (aug-2000, Oct-2000, Nov- 2200, Dec-2400, Jan-2410 ) the executive was mr. Manohar- mobile no. 9212457172) he was use to come tell the amount due and collect the money .so my request and concern is where is my fault when your executive an representative of HDFC come and tell this is the due amount and collect.
    I paid every month whatever demanded by HDFC , but later they told during my conversation starting of this month that your settlement letter is void and u need to total outstanding amount.
    Even though u people had creased my HDFC account and debited all amount(Rs.10961.87) on 16th march’15 . making a total of Rs. 21,971.81 payment against my credit card till 16th march
    Even though I called customer care people several time around 3 to 10th March 2015to know the status of card and further tell what to be done next and till now no one had responded ,neither feeling what to do .
    Even though I tried to contract on no. 011-66668101/66668102 which was mentioned on ref lt- DEL/N1/22158 unfortunatly that was the only letter I am having
    So my sincerer request is tell me the final status and suggest and one to talk, because neither the branch nor the customer care people are aware what to do .So where to deposit the pending Rs. 8029 /- and get the settlement letter issued ASAP.

    Sakshi Sabharwal
    9958211159 /9717735454

  36. Using HDFC credit card from last 10 years and my average bill comes near about 1Lac rupees…….i always make payment on time ... my due date is 27th of the month to clear the bill. In most cases i cleared payment up to 30th of month, but never paid extra charges but in November month I made payment by cheque … and you have charged fine for this, when I talked on customer care they asked that cheque cleared late that’s why we charged financial charges …..
    But this time once again you have charged financial charges and service tax, where I cleared the bill on 29th before 12 noon through ATM. So either need to clear my fine if you want to retain the customer, otherwise I want to close transactions with you as bank has changed the policies to stop the relaxation period of 2-3 days …. You should inform me at least…..

  37. hi myself mahender singh , my customer id - 29888068. today i made payment through netbanking for mobile recharge , but due to some technical snag it wasn't successful, however rs 200 have been deducted from my account. please inform me when that money will be refunded .

  38. hi myself mahender singh , my customer id - 29888068. today i made payment through netbanking for mobile recharge , but due to some technical snag it wasn't successful, however rs 200 have been deducted from my account. please inform me when that money will be refunded .

    CARD No :- 5520 8840 0012 4534
    PREVIOUS CARD No :- 5243 6816 0028 7539

    CARD No :- 5520 8840 0012 4534
    PREVIOUS CARD No :- 5243 6816 0028 7539

    CARD No :- 5520 8840 0012 4534
    PREVIOUS CARD No :- 5243 6816 0028 7539

  42. After reading all these post i realise that i and my family members are not the only ones going through the all these humiliations and mental trauma because of HDFC Bank.

    It's true that Priyanka and Deepak, who is so called Branch Manager of HDFC Bank Kanjur Marg office, don't have manners to talk to the customers and their family members.

    Since Tuesday i.e. 21st April, 2015 they have been continuously calling my family members under disguise using abusive language, saying that we are a family of cheaters, also telling bad about our religion and so on so forth.

    However i had already told them that i am ready for settlement but still they kept misbehaving and using abusive language.

    What a shame that HDFC Bank being such a recognised bank has such people working for them who are arrogant and don't have manners of talking to customers especially senior citizens and ladies.

    On top of it both Priyanka and Deepak deny of having done such things.

  43. Hi,

    My credit card no is 4893771200333639. When i checked my account balance on 6th May 2014, it was 32,625.03 Rs. But when i checked the balance today 14th May it is 32326 Rs. I haven't used my credit card in between days. Please call and let me know the reason for this reduction in my credit account balance thought i haven't used it. Also it would be great if you enable an option for credit card email statement so that in future i will be getting mails regarding the credit card transactions.
    I didn't get any mails also for this transaction happened in my credit card.
    Please call and help me at the earliest at +91-9886273626 or 9845606526.
    Call me today itself if possible.
    Thanks & Regards,

  44. My name is Sonu Sharma and i had apply for HDFC credit card on 11/5/2015 in your bank. all types verification like tele verification for 3 times was ok but when your location verification team came for my address verification they call me 2 times and i told them way for my home address . they reached at verification location and asked there for Monu instead Sonu Sharma to old man and women. They told to your verification team that there is not any Monu in this Building. But your team member not contact me that time and they went. At evening the old man and Women told me all of this. after it many time i contacted your customer care executive many times and asked solution for it but they didn't guide me. lastly i thought to mail you. my office's colleague are also HDFC credit card holders and they also applied before and with me for credit card. I request to you please do location verify process again and on verification time they must call me and also buiding owner.( Mr. Dharmender -09910380205).

    Sonu Sharma
    App No:CC23002301


  46. My Name is Ramesh Kumar Tiwari,

    For settlement of HDFC Bank credit card(5522741000211596), i paid rs. 94500/- in 8 installments as directed by the bank. I paid total due amount as per schedule(nov.2014). since then i am requesting for noc through various customer care number but no result. From every where i had been given the numbers i.e. 011-66668101/66668102 which are useless. This is for necessary action by the concern authority.

    my cn is 9643808804

  47. I, Dhruvin merchant , a resident of India and unfortunately a credit card holder of your bank having card number 5242 1600 0109 9596 (photocopy of card is attached).
    My card is blocked since months and bills are been sent on a email id ( which i m not operating for more than 6 months as this email id was my company's email id and i have left that job 6 months back.I have had asked to furnish a copy of credit card statement since the card was issued on Jan 2015 and i was ready to pay for the my own credit card statement and they gave only statement for six months in jun 2015 which was of no help.I think i have the right to get the records i m paying for and necessary this payment is generated in form of interest as they say.I shall pay for what i use.
    I had inform the hdfc credit card people who used to call me for payment to change my id so i can receive bills.On 18th of july 2015 ,A guy name kumar having mobile no.+917738278910(claimed to be manager for your credit card services) came to my residence used very bad language to my mother who is paralytic patient and me on phone and was forcing to pay an amount this has happened many times . I m paying without any literature in hand .I paid amount of Rs2600 /- as this guy was harassing my mother at home while i was at work. Since then i had called this person many times and was also contacted by my father . He never gave a proper response and i also message him my new id and old id and it was assured by him that he will take care that my email id has been revised on 18th july2015. (Screenshot of all this has been attached).I would like
    Therefore i conclude that kindly provide me a all the details and statement since the card was issued and also change my id in your records from old to

  48. Dear All
    i am not happy u credit card service bz of hdfc bank every month cutting extra amount,main balance & minimum due if both u check they are cutting more .and they are not giving 45 day time they giving 20 time ,when i told to customer care send details she told i am not send sir .i am also check all paper there also not write 20 days time clearly mention 45 day time to purchase date .

    Nityanand T

  49. Hi All,

    Along with hdfc credit card I got ergo insurance policy,and I payed the insurance for 2 years. Initially I had agreed to pay for just two years. Recently in march 2015, I wrote a letter in thiruvanmiyur branch and submitted my credit card for cancellation.I also made sure that I cleared all my dues. I got mails saying my ergo policy has been again in renewal. I spoke on phone to cancel this policy. But they didn't respond.

    Now ,the policy has been renewaled without my permission. And i kept getting mails to pay money even after credit card cancellation. Now why should I pay the amount? I have been fooled saying this policy is permitted every where. But in reality its not permitted any where.

    Now why should I pay them simply without any dues ?

  50. i am suffering alot please provide me your heads mail id.

  51. Complaint letter

    Respected Sir,
    Sub: To get NOC - Reg
    My name is V.Anit Gipson. I ‘m a Govt. Medical practitioner. I availed a car loan from your HDFC bank, Loan acc:no:15819960 on 7/12/2009, to my Tavera car bearing no TN 74 AB 1000. I was prompt in paying the EMI and my car loan ended on 7/11/2014. Last 9 months we were requesting the HDFC bank (Nagercoil and tirunelveli branch)for give my NOC but manager was told, I will send in next week by post frequently , or whenever I go to bank he said come two days later or l week later like this continuously. So far no response from the bank. It’s been a great inconvenience for me. I’m planning to sell my car and purchase another one, but not able to do it. So I am totally disappointed about this issue. If tomorrow not getting my NOC, then I will file the complaint to consumer court and legal action against your HDFC bank. Thanks for your kind co-operation.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely,
    V. Anit Gipson

  52. Hi,

    Please provide me the details about RENEWAL MEM FEE INCL ST. The amount has been debited from my credit card. What type of charges this is ?

  53. Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that my credit card no. 4577044101051723 had made an request for upgardation of my Existing credit card to Premium card i.e. Jet privilege HDFC Bank world in which I am entitle for 10000 JP Miles and one way free Ticket once in a Year in which the fees for the above is Rs 2500/- for the year and request an without increasing my current Limit.

    I am very sorry to say that you have issued me card life time Jet privilage card for which there is no option is there in the form and also u have increase in my credit card limit from Rs 1.5 Lacs to Rs 2.00 Lacs.

    Kindly rectify the above as I dont require the above card and reissue the Jet privilage HDFC Bank card and charge the Annual fees as per the requested made earlier or cancel the above.

    Kindly do the needful also communicated the problem to customer care which he tells will be addressed. Kindly take the above matter on priority basis.

    Inspite of reminding again and again no action has been taken

    Thanks & Regards
    Sahil Kothari
    Chartered Accountants
    Phone No 7208202060

  54. I have a credit card now..I want to convert the payment in EMI..If possible can you assist me by calling on 09828927667

  55. i m ravi. i have issued my cedit card one month before and now some one called me from hdfc you will have to pay 427 for health insurance with now billing.and i dont ever submitted this type of request.I dont want any type of policy please remove it from my billing.

  56. i m ravi. i have issued my cedit card one month before and now some one called me from hdfc you will have to pay 427 for health insurance with now billing.and i dont ever submitted this type of request.I dont want any type of policy please remove it from my billing.

  57. Dear
    My online credit card application/references no--15082314909140XH
    submitted documents but three time call for your customers care but not spiked a responsibly /clearly documents
    Please chake my credit card States and spke me documents
    Response my SMS other news 2 months wanting 1 customers not responded not a call or SMS

  58. 022-2856 4332 Mumbai credit card devices
    61606161 all number fake
    Call now one time

  59. Please sir
    I want to close my HDFCBANK Account
    Customer ID . 55128469
    bank will not ready to closed my a/c 

  60. Sir, I received my platinum type credit card number ending with 9321 with card name Madan Desai. I received my credit card in July. But till date I have not received it's pin number. Many HDFC people tell me that they will provide me next day but I haven't received it yet. Can you provide help. My cell no-9326260390.

  61. I paid the total due payment of Rs 22969.30 on dated 22/10/2015 through net banking of credit
    card 0333 last four digit but on 23/10/2015 two transactions were done of Rs 10927.30 Dr & Cr
    and further penalty was levied of Rs 450 + service tax. If the entire payment was done then
    why penalty was levied.

    I would request to withdraw the penalty with service tax and it should not be shown in my Nov
    2015 credit card statement or else I may be liable to discontinue your card in future.

    My Customer ID is 22810368 and I am using your card since 2008 and never faced such kind of

    Thanks for timely resolution.

    Shailendra Tiwari
    7508180012 & 9914906267

  62. Hi dear,

    Am from Hyderabad. I have applied my credit card 4 week's ago still i didn't get any type of call form you're side my reference id: 15102913383310s3
    since am waiting from a month for credit card, i can't wait more so am going to forward all the proof's which you're customer guy's spoke with me and you're executive who came to me to collect document's.
    i have all you're executive number's with office address in Ameerpet, styam theater.
    Am going to forward to media.

    phone: +91-9700422352,
    mail id:

  63. Hi

    My name is Kamlesh Mishra from Delhi, Mob number 7827772543, I have issue with my credit card, not able to online payments, I have launched complain on customer care,but they are not able to resolve the issue. I have updated all my information at the time of verification but i don't know why It is showing that mobile number and email id not updated. customer care guys told me that all info has been updated already.

    It is very bad experience for me in the first month, i m your new customer and your are giving me very bad experience.So request you to kindly do needful to rectify my issue. I will be thankful to you.

  64. Hi,

    This is Vijay here, my issue is with credit card application, I have received ref number to mobile

    (We acknowledge your HDFCBank Creditcard Appln CC23970864 Check status on post 4 days under Ref 15110415009540S)

    but when I tried to check the status online I'm getting some error and when I checked with it is showing as invalid but I have acknowledge receipt with me... & the concern person who have offered me was from barkatpura branch Hyderabad telangana and his name is suresh.. Now he is not even answering my call... I think he just collected my Doc. To show the count in month end..

  65. Hi

    This is Suryakanta.I have applied for a credit card 1&1/2 month back,your marketing person told me that it ll take 25 days for processing.but after 25/216 days i got message from bank that your credit card got disapproved ,after that i got a form kregarding addressing verification.i filled it & sent on the address of credit card division ,chennai ,after 2/3 days again i got response from bank that my credit card application they are going to reprocess,within 7 days i ll got the message in message form.but still now its more than 15day past,,but still m not getting msge .mm afraid that my documents got misused or something else.

    Plesae reply asap

  66. Dear Sir/Madam,


    I have requested to cancel my HDFC policy through my credit card three days before but still not refunded to my credit card. Kindly cancel and refund to my credit card.

  67. My existing hdfc credit card no is 552274XXXXXX1211. Today i noticed another card no (552274XXXXXX3412)while checking my hdfc net banking. Since my existing card is valid till 10/2017 why should HDFC issued another card to me? I have not applied for another card. If it reached in wrong hand I will not be responsible for it. Due to the irresponsible action of HDFC, I will deregister the existing card too.
    Please make sure that the new card will not be misused. Please reply to or call +971508019950 (UAE)

    Suresh VM

  68. What an atrocious way this HDFC works, one time the credit card payment is delayed, I don't know how they get the numbers of all the family and friends and they call them and torture them for the payment. Who has given you the right to call our friends and relatives and torture them this is not acceptable at all. Just now we would have spoke to an executive and then another one calls within minutes. I really dont understand as how they work around it.



  71. Can you please give me the correct email address for hdfc loan department? I was given and is bouncing each time.

  72. Hello HDFC

    What the hell that Customer support service your people are providing. I was in Queue for more than 1hr. which is really a frustrating thing. Do you think we people do have any work. I made call to 61606161 to credit cards division and that was the response you people have. why you people dont even care about customer's money. calling to that no. is not a free call.
    Please see and learn from your competent banks like CITI, ICICI, etc...on how they are maintaining Customer relation ship.
    Improve your support service.

    Adding to it provide mail id's of all support departments in your official query page instead of asking too many stupid question.
    If you people don't have time to lift our calls atleast we will try to put our queries or complaints through mails. you people can respond when you have free lavish time.
    I really feel very bad after having a very long good relation ship with your bank.

  73. Hi,

    My Name is Siddharth.

    On 9th January 2016 , I got a call from HDFC credit card department, A lady named Aditi Sharma called me so many times from the no. +911145650548.
    She was talking like illiterate person and very badly and she gave me threat that she will complaint for me in my company where i work. I asked her to talk me slowly but she didnt stop and talked very badly. Is this way to talk with customers. Please take some strict action against her. and ask her for apologize. otherwise i'll go to higher.

    Mobile No. :- +91-9643747423

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  75. Bank is too good but the credit card employees are very pathetic

  76. Bank is too good but the credit card employees are very pathetic

  77. Hi Team HDFC Credit, firstly let me start with saying this is my first credit card and thus has got an emotional value attached to me, I am using this card for last 4+ years. Recently I had very bad experience with the customer care team (collection agent -madhuri from HDFC Bank) My payment for a month was due, I do understand it was my mistake as I couldnt do my payment on time however the staff was way to rude and did not have ears to even listen why I was late and when I can make the payment, very arrogant and rude behavior anyways let me down, HDFC customer care doesnt listen, however I promised my payment as advised by collection agant as 2040rs to be done by a date and I have lived up to it, only after making the payment I realised the story has not ended and I still get another rude call after week saying you have to make another payment of 200rs, To which the reason mentioned was the payment required is 2240 rs and not 2040 rs as advised by her. Because of this 200rs which is incorrect information given by your advisor I have been charged with 700rs late fee for current month, not over yet, my card is blocked too. I called customer care at 61606161 even before they could acknowledge the issue they said card is blocked nothing can be done. the customer service advisor called sonali started laughing actions on me when I asked to transfer the call to supervisor atleast waiting that someone from the team would listen to the query, but all efforts in vain after being on long hold they disconnected my call and did not even call back, pathetic service HDFC credit card you are loosing this customer


  78. Really i am impressed from this post....the person who created this post is a genius and knows how to keep the readers connected..

    Packers and Movers thiruvanmiyur Chennai

  79. Hello team; I have an account numbered 09661530008440 n I have a credit card numbered 4577044101113515...I have credit limit of 75000...I m a regular bill payer...recently I have purchased an office for my l need more credit limit l request you my limit please..thanks

  80. Dear HDFC Bank,

    I have deposited my icici bank cheque dated on 06.05.16 for my April month due bill payment. I got one mail from your side on 11.05.16 that is not process the cheque due to the unfavorably of name and please paid alternatively. As per your suggestion again i have deposited 19000 thousand due amount with 800 rupees fine and as per your confirmation with in 7 working days cheque delivered to billing address but till now didn't got cheque. why this much of delay. Today also i have spoken with customer care they are given courier tracking no but the courier delivered at Delhi on 06.06.16. how its possible ?my billing address at Hyderabad.

    Is its a proper way to treat a customer ? am totally unsatisfied with your service and at last excepting proper response from you.

    1st Complaint NO:16147061534. date 26.05.16.
    2nd Complaint NO:16155729528. date 06.06.16.
    First flight tracking no C991Q7939309.

  81. Dear HDFC Bank,

    I have deposited my icici bank cheque dated on 06.05.16 for my April month due bill payment. I got one mail from your side on 11.05.16 that is not process the cheque due to the unfavorably of name and please paid alternatively. As per your suggestion again i have deposited 19000 thousand due amount with 800 rupees fine and as per your confirmation with in 7 working days cheque delivered to billing address but till now didn't got cheque. why this much of delay. Today also i have spoken with customer care they are given courier tracking no but the courier delivered at Delhi on 06.06.16. how its possible ?my billing address at Hyderabad.

    Is its a proper way to treat a customer ? am totally unsatisfied with your service and at last excepting proper response from you.

    1st Complaint NO:16147061534. date 26.05.16.
    2nd Complaint NO:16155729528. date 06.06.16.
    First flight courier tracking no C991Q7939309.


    Consignment No Reference No
    Consignment Number/Ref. No: *

    Consignment No. Reference. No. Booking Date Origin Destination Status Receiver Name & Contact Number Delivery Date Delivery Time
    C991Q7939309 CBCI 04-Jun-2016 Chennai Delhi Delivered BANTI 06-Jun-2016 16:30:00

    Date Serving Location Status
    06-Jun-2016 Delhi Consignment Delivered to - BANTI
    06-Jun-2016 Delhi Out for Delivery
    06-Jun-2016 Delhi Arrived at Samaypur Branch
    06-Jun-2016 Delhi Despatched to Branch for Delivery from Mahipalpur Hub
    05-Jun-2016 Delhi Arrived at Mahipalpur Hub
    04-Jun-2016 Chennai Despatched from Mas Guindy Hub
    04-Jun-2016 Chennai Booked at Mas Guindy Hub

  82. faltu bank hai.. people dont care for customers, my hard earned money of more than 10k is deducted as charges from account and complaint raised in customer care is pending since 27/05/16 and 13/06/16 without any update. regards, yogitha - 9901307393

  83. Dear Sir / Madam,
    My credit card reward point i have try to online net banking process of reward point transfer to the cash back but same time log out my net banking. Please see the screen shoat.

    Please what can i do.

  84. Dear Sir / Madam,
    My credit card reward point i have try to online net banking process of reward point transfer to the cash back but same time log out my net banking. Please see the screen shoat.

    Please what can i do.

  85. Hello sir...

    My credit card loan is complete, and credit card blocked, payed 39500 rupees,
    My credit card number 5241810401618152.

    but still i have not received NOC from ur good bank
    Pls provide me as early as possible

    Nagaraj j naik

  86. Hello sir...

    My credit card loan is complete, and credit card blocked, payed 39500 rupees,
    My credit card number 5241810401618152.

    but still i have not received NOC from ur good bank
    Pls provide me as early as possible

    Nagaraj j naik

  87. Hi,

    This is Deben. I am very much dis appointed with the HDFC credit card service.
    They activate few option (e.g- autopay ) themselves and charge you unnecessarily. It has also very high charges if you miss the payment compared to SBi and standard charted.
    If you don't see your credit card bill properly, they will cheat with some un necessary charges.

    I will rate HDFC credit card service 1 out of 5.

    Deben Sahani

  88. hello sir
    My credit card payment is clear payed amt is 16350 but I am not received this statement plz send me a statement my credit card no is 5241810401606892 AMOL PAWAR & My email id is mob no 9096389764

  89. To, Date:-16.07.2016

    The Manager

    HDFC Bank Ltd - Credit Card Division Chennai

    Subject – Payment completed for outstanding amount of credit card no-5593000400066082 & provide the clearance certificate by HDFC Credit Card Division Chennai

    Dear Sir,

    This is in reference to the outstanding amount for my credit card no.5593000400066082
    It is pertinent to mention here I have made online payment for the subjected credit card full outstanding amount via net banking in the month of 20-May-2016.
    However that credit card already Expire in the month of April-2016. But I seen the new credit card no in my online HDFC net banking data base which is not required for me & still I have not received the new Card.

    So, I hereby request to you don’t send the new Credit card on my Present Address. The Reason of refuse the new credit card only debit of Rs.2900 Annual Charges from my account by auto debit .Hence I never use Jet privilege card benefit during that period. So how can bank debited Rs2900 in Account of annual Charges from my HDFC account. So this type of forgery not accepted by as a customer.

    In view of the same, I hereby request you to send me clearance mail for the full outstanding amount payment done to the subjected credit card and Remove the new credit card No from my Existing HDFC Account .which is shown in net- banking data base.


    Rajnish Kumar
    Reliance Industries Ltd.
    Email id –

  90. Dear HDFC Team

    You have added me to a policy called HDFC life health assurance plan, Application num: 90319177. You have debited Rs. 7791 on 13.07.2016. on 14.07.16 i called 18602679999 and asked to cancel this policy and the person on call transferred my call to cancellation department. The concerned person in that department asked all the details reg cancellation and replied that within 10 working days the policy will get cancelled. As of now i have not yet received any message or mail for my cancellation request. I called back yesterday (19.07.16) and enquired reg the cancellation status. I didnt get a proper response from Your side.

    Last month (13.06.16) i have applied for ERGO Policy and then i cancelled it. I got enquiry call from your bank reg reason for cancellation in a harsh tone. The concerned person name is Ms.Thenmozhi. i have explained the reason to her in brief. She spoke hard and in rugged tone hence i came to a conclusion that only when i am committed to this policy i would get a proper respone and friendly reply. I cant tolerate such kind of attitude. so i took a decision to cancel both my policy plan. This is the main reason behind my cancellation.

    Ok now coming back to my issue, i called on 14.07.16 reg cancellation but still its generated in my monthly bill. I WILL NOT PAY THAT AMOUNT (Rs. 7791). If you repeatedly debiting my balance reg this policy or any irrelevant interest i would block my card.

    Acknowledge this mail and reply immediately.

  91. Hi Team,

    Iam working in genpact pocharam iam applied for credit card on boarding time iam attached my statement also please check and approve my credit card....Already one month completed still pending my status please let me know as on as possible....

    Email statement password:68878290

    Application Reference Number

    Koteswar Reddy

  92. Any one tell me,i try to activate policy premium via credit card monthly auto cut by credit card, can tell me bajaj allianz hdfc life,icici policies is in the list of credit card

  93. Thank you for sharing such great information. It has help me in finding out more detail about Home Loan!

  94. Hello,

    I have identified bug in HDFC Creditcard registration application, Please reolve this bus asap and find the below steps for reproduce the issue.

    Steps to reproduce the issue:
    1.Open the HDFC Credit card registration form.

    2.Click on register.

    3. Enter the required details.
    Note: Set password as "ABCDEFjklmnop.67"
    4.Click on submit.
    5.Try to login with username and password.
    6. we get popup window as "password length is excedded".
    Here tha bug is while registering password is taking more characters but whil login it is stopping because of more characters.


  95. Hi.. I have a query regarding double payment of emi for cr card Hdfc.. Can someone get me the contact information for whom I can talk /write to regarding this?

  96. This is prasanna Kumar. I got your card last month. You guys have entered my email ID wrongly while giving my card. My first bill is generated last week and i didnt got it still. My correct mail ID is but you have entered wrongly as You called and confirmed it before giving card to me. Still how can you change _ to -? :-( Now telling i need to write a letter to change it. Why csnt you make it online? It is very difficult to write and go to post office and post.

  97. Good day.

    I have settled hdfc credit card and this is my last day of the payment ..but now i need 2-3 months extension so kindly provide me the emaild to semd the mail for confirmation..


  98. Hi HDFC,

    I was using Titanium MasterCard credit card(XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-5107) from your bank.In November 2015 card was expired and got mail that new card will dispatched soon but did not get any new card.In May 2016 got email statement that there was remaining balance of Rs2296.69 in my credit card which I have paid on 17th May 2016 and balance was Rs000. After one month June 2016 an information was given by bank that there is due of Rs822.69. How this happened when I have cleared my balanced Also during this period I have never use this card facility till current date as i didn't get that new credit Card. When i talked to customer execute i didn't get correct reply/information from him. Now after few months got another Notice letter from your end.

    Please let me know is this my fault that i didn't get card still I paid my balance dues but getting new balance dues again and again in each months on new credit card no. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-5403 which I have yet not received and used.

    Please resolve this issue ASAP, Now loosing trust on HDFC.


  99. Sir I am RUPESH KUMAR MISHRA MY CREDIT CARD E M I OPPORTUNITY IS NOT AVAILABLE . BEFORE CARD TAKING . BANK REPRESENTATIVE MANY TIMES TELL ME SIR YOUR A/C THIS CARD THIS OFFER . MANY TIMES IGNORE. BUT last April or may I will take credit card .LAST 5/6 MONTH BACK I patches more then 40k . My thinking is I will give monthly payment. But after patching i will call many times toll free no. representative tell me send request but not respond. So please my out standing canvarte . E M I oppction .
    Yours faithfully
    My no is 9699529710

  100. Dear All

    Recently I applied for personal loan through very reputed Bank HDFC bank.
    Even my personal loan application was accepted.
    Even I submitted all the required documents for personal loan in HDFC bank

    My personal loan application no is: 45935617...
    My cell number is : 7006085722
    Please intervinate in this matter

  101. HDFC,

    While taking the credit card you people told that after month I can convert the amount into EMI, not told us that it is regarding marketing offer. AND now, when I'm unable to convert it to EMI then they are saying it as marketing offer. The customer care service is very poor, the woman named RAJESWARI is a worst head weighted stupid one, is not at all listening to the customers and telling that you take the screen shot of the issue and mail it to the customer care email id. Is for this that idiotic woman is getting paid????

    They are sending unnecessary mails and messages the u have these many offers to buy products. BUT the main information is not shared to the customers. By doing all this they are getting money and not taking care of customers.

    People please don't take get fooled by these ones, because it may be easy to get HDFC credit card but the services are very poor.

  102. i having all mile credit card of hdfc bank. due to some family financial problems i m not able to pay outstanding amount . I want to know is there any provision to convert outstanding amount in to emi. if any plz tell me.

  103. very bad without knowing my permission they giving to dedicated amount from my credit if called also they worst response from them worst HDFC bank please don't take credit card or any transaction from HDFC worst really I'm very sad about HDFC doing things

  104. My reference no 17031016255300S1 card approved msge recived at 10 but card not com no buddy response me if not take action I esclat this matter in social media

  105. i am applied for creadit card in the month of november ,my reference number is 16102412415170UM, please check me ..still i didnt get any feedback and not any further process of the card.please help

  106. My name is Pankaj Kumar, i want to change my mobile number linked with Net banking.
    Kindly guide me for same.

  107. HDFC bank is one of the worst bank. Never take any HDFC product like bank account, any kind of loan, credit card. This is my personal experience.

    Ravi Shekhar

  108. நான் கடந்த ஒரு வருடத்திற்கு மேலாக HDFC கிரெடிட் கார்டு (Card No: 2852) பயன்படுத்தி வருகிறேன். கடந்த ஜனவரி 2017மாதம் உங்களது கிரெடிட் கார்டு Customer Care மூலம் எனக்கு மருத்துவ காப்பீடு செய்வதாக கூறி, மாத தவணை முறையில் பிப்ரவரி 2017 முதல் பிடித்தம் செய்துவருகிறீர்கள் (Loan Number:25701417). அதன் பின் பல முறை நான் HDFC Customer Care தொடர்பு கொண்டு எனக்கு எந்த ஒரு மருத்துவ காப்பீடும் கிடைக்கப்பெறவில்லையென புகார் தெரிவித்தேன். ஆனால்! இது வரை எந்த ஒரு பயனும் இல்லை. அதன்பின் HDFC Customer Care தொடர்பு கொண்டு எந்த ஒரு பயனும் இல்லாத ப்ரீமியமை என்னால் செலுத்த முடியாது என்று கூறினேன். அத்தொகையை செலுத்தியே ஆக வேண்டும் என கடுமையாக பதில் கிடைத்தது அதற்க்கு அபராத தொகையும் விதிக்கப்பட்டது. இன்றைய தேதி (24.05.2017) வரை அந்த தொகையை செலுத்தி வருகிறேன். தங்களுடைய அறிவுத்தலின்படி HDFC ERGO Customer care தொடர்பு கொண்டு கேட்டபோது அப்படி எந்த ஒரு பாலிசியும் எனது Accountலிருந்து பிடித்தம் செய்யப்படவில்லையென்று கூறினார்கள். இதனால் நான் மிகவும் மன உளைச்சலுக்கு உள்ளாகிறேன். மேற்கொண்டு எனது புகாரின் அடிப்படியில் நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்படாவிடில் நான் நுகர்வோர் நீதிமன்றம் மூலம் புகார் அளிக்க நேரிடும் என்பதை இதன்மூலம் தெரிவித்துக்கொள்கிறேன்.

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  111. MY credit card no 4346771008031800 has been settled but till now we will be closed from cibil clear of full blance payment so help.
    my mobile no 9013008585

  112. The Most corrupt and idiot bank(HDFC) in this world. They are fraud and cheater. Never entertain HDFC in life when we have multiple options available in the world.Their executes are giving all wrong information and misleading the customer to loot them. HDFC you all are bastard and idiot money does not come easlly. For you people easy to send GUNDA and spoil the customer and then try to collect money. If you have dare then give loan or credit card to any real GUNDAs and see your capacity.

  113. Dear HDFC bank I have pay my full due amount I,e. 11156 in which I have paid in two different way first I have paid 3670 and the second payment I have paid 7486. According to my knowledge after the payment being made I have no due in my credit card. But yesterday I got a mail saying that I have 3170 due in my credit card.pleas check and get back. More over I have not use my card.

  114. Dear Sir I'm from Hyderabad I using hdfc salary account few days before with out intimations I have received 940 Rs/- but now in my account it's showing -938/- without intimations, hdfc customer care no is not connecting,so pls solve my problem as soon as possible

  115. i want hdfc credit card settlement contact no.
    Please provide me as soon as possible.